Sunday, September 18, 2011

~Pay it forward~

After taking most of the summer off and ignoring this poor blog I'm glad to see I still have followers.
School has started and all 4 kiddos are attending for the first time, ranging from PreK to Junior year. My oh my what ever will I do with a few free hours each day? Can you guess?
So as I'm reading along today I happened by a blog......linked through here and there...... stumbled upon a post titled Pay it Forward.......

After signing up over on Pieces to Love I in turn get to pay it forward to 3 of you.

Heres the rundown

~To the first 3 followers to comment I will gift you a random handmade suprise sometime in the next year, out of nowhere you'll get a package from me, who doesnt love mail?!

~In turn you share the same love from your blog posting something similar to this post

When you comment please leave your email (and your blog link) so I can write you and get a good mailing address from you.

I will do International shipping :)