Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So here some resent projects:
This is a great little collab for MBMW
it has different items from a few of us.
I figured I'd try a collab out,
so here it is-
A great gift set for any expectant mother
or if you just want to spoil your own little sweet pea yourself.
6m Dress~Med Cover~3 sz Korkers w/headband~
Bib~Burp cloth~6 Wipes~Wet bag~Touch&Feel Blankie
A new item I've been trying out.
So L is so not girly right,
so I try I really do,
I make things in her size ask her if she'd try it on or if she wants it,
her reply is always NO!
so I always have new items to list.
These were different for me,
I have a love hate relationship with patterns,
I love that they are measured already,
I hate trying to assemble as they say,
so usually I modify to how I can do it or how I think I can do it.
Trial and error, practice really does make perfect here.
2pc halter set
I have 3 sets in different liner/trim colors.
Whatcha think?
Last but not least-
a dress in Michael Miller 'Boho Blossom' w/ 'Dumb Dot' trim
Yes I know I need a light box,
well two,
one small for items flat and one big to hang the outfits in.
I really need to find a mannequin/statue/sewers dummy thing.

Getting started

Lets see if I can figure out how to move my other blog post to this one.
We'll see in the next day or so.
How fun.
Ok so anyways it's
that should be much easier.