Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So here some resent projects:
This is a great little collab for MBMW
it has different items from a few of us.
I figured I'd try a collab out,
so here it is-
A great gift set for any expectant mother
or if you just want to spoil your own little sweet pea yourself.
6m Dress~Med Cover~3 sz Korkers w/headband~
Bib~Burp cloth~6 Wipes~Wet bag~Touch&Feel Blankie
A new item I've been trying out.
So L is so not girly right,
so I try I really do,
I make things in her size ask her if she'd try it on or if she wants it,
her reply is always NO!
so I always have new items to list.
These were different for me,
I have a love hate relationship with patterns,
I love that they are measured already,
I hate trying to assemble as they say,
so usually I modify to how I can do it or how I think I can do it.
Trial and error, practice really does make perfect here.
2pc halter set
I have 3 sets in different liner/trim colors.
Whatcha think?
Last but not least-
a dress in Michael Miller 'Boho Blossom' w/ 'Dumb Dot' trim
Yes I know I need a light box,
well two,
one small for items flat and one big to hang the outfits in.
I really need to find a mannequin/statue/sewers dummy thing.

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