Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Introducing Customs
I have available 5 slots for the following Bit of Whimsy animals
B Movie Monster & Sammy Squid
are $15 ppd w/my fabric or $11ppd w/ your fabric
Lenny Guinea Pig & Olivia Owl
are $13ppd w/my fabric or $9 ppd w/your fabric
Insurance is optional at $1.75
Paypal only please
Email for a custom slot~ jessica_lee_mt@yahoo.com
I have a quick turnaround and 100%feedback (link in the post before)
Please note these are handmade~no two are the same~slight imperfections may occur~I'm not a machine I only use one~all get washed in plain warm water and machine dried to insure that they are washable before going to thier new home~any fraying on the facial or wing features are normal
~~~~~Past animals~~~~~

Monday, September 21, 2009


I just wanted to link my feedback here just incase

touching base

It seems my comp. doesn't like one of the sites I visit and sell on......
so I'll be updating and listing more on here.

I'm excited to mention that I'll be guesting on King Kongo and on Natures Toy Chest for the holidays.

MBMW is going to have a great 1yr anniversary bash in conjunction with black Friday & get ready for lots of sales sales sales during Nov-Dec.

Discount codes to come soon too........

I have lots of yummy squishy velour coming in!!!

Look Out~I'll be debuting Zach-, Zoe- & Z- Zilla soon

Friday, September 4, 2009

stocking on OhBoy!!!

all will be available sept 7 @ 2pm
on OhBoy!!
come learn a letter with a friend
or check out the baby pack to go
theres also a great toddler blanket and pillowcase set
these are all done in Michael Miller prints