Thursday, December 10, 2009


So I'm waiting on getting a Blog Page installed, also a new logo & header deal.
I'm so excited, then I can get new cards and everything.
Look out there will be changes coming soon.
I'm also going to limit my shops.
I'll be on MBMW of course but my second will only be NTC
I'm stepping down from OB and any guest spots like KK.
Hubby is due to leave in Jan-uugghh-again.
I'm changing my work days at work to accomidate being a single parent.
For the first time ever I'm hiring a sitter for my two little ones 2 days a week.
I really want to be able to do it all,
I want to stay home
I want to work outside for the income and time alone
I want to still sew for my shops
I want to attend all the sports games and band performances.
Is this possible?
Dangit it has to be.
Oh and if all falls into place
in the next week or so we should be finally getting into a house,
lets say goodbye to this this temp place and hello to our boxes,

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