Thursday, July 15, 2010

Grand Opening

will be the 21st of July with everything going live at 19:00
I have some previews up now with plenty more to come

heres another long sleeve Kyoko Dress sz3T


  1. I sooooo love this one! I'm always so in awe of your beautiful work. I've always made clothes for my daughters. Still do for that matter. I think most of their pajamas are still ones I've made them but the only one to see them is their pillow and quilt. Now when the college kids settle down and get married, THEN I'll start collecting your clothes for the grand-daughters. (My youngest is 12 and eldest is 19 so that might be a while, but still, I can dream)

  2. Thank You, I always make everything to fit my one & only daughter, sadly she follows her three brothers and lives in jeans & tees, she wont touch the dresses.