Monday, September 20, 2010

The Sissy Doll

She is complete!
Testing went well, I got great feedback, did a few changes & now she's ready to be stocked.

Here's Sissy Ellie-
in Skin Tone #2
She will be staying right here getting lots of love from my dd,
who put in custom request for the scent, the eye & hair color,
she even picked out Ellie's first outfit.


The Sissy doll will be sold as semi custom slots & as ready to go dolls.
A semi custom is where the doll body is complete,
you get to customize the eyes & hair, choose scent.
Sissy will come with one outfit on with the option to purchase more individually or as a pack.
Here are some outfit choices-prints will vary.


Currently there are 3 Skin Tones to choose from, more to come.


The Sissy Doll is made from 100% cotton muslin fabric,
hair is 100% cotton yarn,
she is stuffed with Polyfil,
all items are made in the US & Canada.

She will be scented with herbs & Essential Oil
Current choices are Lavender, Eucalyptus Mint & Lemongrass

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