Monday, November 22, 2010

20 Love~Snug~Tug's

8 akachan (baby)

6 zou (elephant)

6 kame (turtle)

These are flat love~snug~tug friends perfect for little ones teething & sensory

Sewing is finished now they are waiting for their price tags to be put on for the Bazaar


  1. Those are beautiful! Now why couldn't you have invented them while all of my kids were teething? Now they are teenagers (which I guess you could say they are still babies or a least they act like one on occasion) and...

    hey, wait a minute...

    I could use those babies to stuff into their mouths when they are arguing... or maybe... I might actually achieve quiet harmony in my home by just plain gagging them. Could they be made with some sort of tie... a ribbon or something? (I wouldn't want to damage the material by using duct tape to hold it in place.)

    I could also use one for teenage-induced yelling or when they do or say things that make me grind my teeth.

    Nah, I like the first idea better...

    **mind still churning out possibilities** You know what? I'm getting into this line of thought way too much... (hopefully, you won't mind if I use this post to figure out how to do links on twitter? I want to show my sisters these little objects of delight... and 'no', none of us has babies, and yes, all of us have teenagers... :)

  2. Glad to hear from you:)
    no problem on using it to learn linking twitter, I have yet to venture that way, I can barely keep up facebook & here.