Friday, December 17, 2010

office revamped

Maybe we can call it winter cleaning :)
I fixed it up while everything was still packed up from the 3 bazaars
Much easier to move & dust & tweak without the instock boxes in the way.
So now ...............
Noguchi Designs has a functioning cutting/pattern station
that also doubles up as a packing/shipping station
A huge sewing table~
I opened up the vintage table
(yes there's a working machine folded in side that I'm too chicken to use)
and finally filled its drawers with sewing notions
the bag on the left is big scraps, the bag on the right is for new scraps that will then turn into another big bag.
I do have have plans for these, come the New Year keep an eye out for something special for the Sissy/Bubba Dolls
An organized buffet~
that doubles as an ironing/photo/scrapbook table
A China Cabinet ~
why yes I use my dining room furniture,
in my dining room,
as my sewing/office room
We will pretend the inside is as organized as the top for now
There's a great fabric storage project coming up where you'll get to see the before & after of the inside
The desk~
where I sit to type, chat, read, print, sell, zone out at
Its my own little corner where I get to have a few of my things out for me to enjoy
Up above is my first swinging clown I got in Italy (now the only one I own)
there's a bit of everywhere up there, Iraq, Japan
to the left are Coastal Pictures of California (where I'm from)
and it swings around to hit the shipping station.


  1. Wow, you have a lot of stuff/supplies, ha ha...where did you learn that one? Very it.

  2. Oh my I wonder where MOM :P, the whole buffet is stuffed with boxes and that big one under the cutting/shipping station is all KIDS supplies.
    It feels good to have it all clean but now I need to unload the instock still from the bazaars