Thursday, April 19, 2012

A new direction

So I've been thinking, alot, especially since the accident and I feel strongly about a new direction for Noguchi Designs.

I've always sewn, gifted everything in the beginning, then came my Little Lady and I moved on to Dresses and Toys (mostly) and opened shop. I love what I do, SEWING, it is a hobby for me not a job. I don't do well with stocking dates or times, I can function with a custom just fine in a turnaround that's pleasing to both myself and the buyer. I feel I shouldn't stress out over a hobby.

No I'm not closing, I am just slowing down and not committing anything. If I get a stuffed animal urge, then hey, I'll post that new Toys are available, or if I find a totally great Kyoko fabric I just have to make, I'll announce that there's new stock up. So on and so forth.

Now with the Quilting that I'm trying out, I'd love to have others enjoy them, I will try to find places to donate too, gift them as needed or wanted and maybe get lucky and sell one.

Just this month I made and donated 10 dresses to Dress A Girl. Do you know how super great it felt to drop that package off at the PO yesterday?

Oh so wonderful! that's how.

I do hope you stick around here and on FB I do appreciate all of you and your comments :)

Jessica Lee

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  1. I think that sending out 10 dresses was pretty darn amazing Jessica!

    Taking a moment to step back from the chaos of life & re-evaluating what your doing is always refreshing for me (I'm sure its the same for you) Wishing you the best, no matter what path you might choose!