Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wk 10 of 52

This week was a no sew project and a tut to boot
Baby Bunny Gift

~To make (a simple) Bunny
1 burp cloth,
2 baby wash cloths
a bit of ribbon

1. roll long sides of burp cloth in
(I pinned one side as I rolled the other)

here's both rolled,
pin to hold while you do the next step

2. fold up one corner of the wash cloth,
roll both up,
one will be the ears and one will be the arms

3. place the ears in the center of the body

4.fold the body over
place a bit of ribbon behind the burp cloth under the washcloth

tie the ribbon to form the head,
tuck the bow into the burp cloth

5.pull the washcloth/ears up and pin to hold,
tie a bit of ribbon at the base of the ears,
unpin the burp cloth/body and place in the second washcloth,
place ribbon behind again and tie under the arms to form the chest

again tuck bow into the burp cloth

7. bring arms together and pin to hold,
tie a bit of ribbon to hold arms,

You're done!

~To make a complete bunny gift~
Place bunny on top of a 4oz bottle

or before adding the ribbon to make the chest,
insert a 8-10 oz bottle,
tie chest ribbon around bottle too

before tieing arms add on a binky then tie
A complete yet simple gift in one


  1. I love this Jess! Thanks for the link - i posted my own on MI and my blog here:

    I love no sew projects since I can't sew - hehe.