Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wk 12 of 52

I love old hankies, teatowels & embroidered pillowcases.

I admit to having a good sized pile cleaned a pressed sitting in my fabric stash.

In my search of "what to do with ...."

I stumbled upon this handkerchief to bonnet tutorial.

I tried it out and captured along the way how I did it.

This tutorial will show how to upcycle/relove an old handkerchief

this could be a handmedown from grandpa or a thrift shop find

either way this lovely something old

will be something new and can continue its journey as such for generations


Washed and pressed handkerchief, ribbon, thread, large needle, safety pin, scissors

Here I used colored ribbon & thread, feel free to use whatever colors you choose

Fold & iron two sides, the back side about an inch, the front side about 2-3 inches

Loosely stitch the small fold down, this will be the back side

Pull lightly and knot off, trim lose thread

Here's a quick 'how it should look' pic

Loosely thread the top fold down, here I used the holes already in the detail, if the handkerchief has lace you could thread through that as well

Lightly knot of both ends

Pin one end of ribbon and thread through the front fold

Trim ribbon ends, you can use a touch of fray check or slightly heat with a lighter to avoid unraveling

All Done! :)

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