Monday, May 16, 2011

Slowly getting back

I cant believe its been a month since the machines were boxed up.
I'll be honest though, getting to bed before 10 and not "having" to go into the office was nice.
I've been working on setting up the furniture in here, to include setting up a table for the hubby so he can play his games in here with me while I stay up sew on the weekends. He only plays on weekends so we figure we might as well be in the same room :)
I am starting to feel the itch to make something.
A soldier of hubby's had a baby this past week so I'm going to make a quilt this week, I drew it out and got the fabrics washed and picked.
Did you know that's how I started sewing? Simple square baby blankets for new littles being born, I even did up a bow tie pattern rag quilt all by hand once.
Keep an eye out, after I finish up this project and finish the rest of the office (fabric) boxes new items will be surfacing.

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