Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tasty Tuesday

Caprese Burgers with oven roasted veggies

Take the yummy Caprese Salad from the island of Capri, add it to a fresh grilled Burger smear on a touch of Pesto and get ready for Super Yum!

Clean out the fridge- oven roasted veggies
tri colored gourmet potatoes (about 6)
string beans (a hand full)
bell peppers (1/2 of 3 different colors)
mushrooms (about 6)
chop whats needed to make roughly uniform sizes, mix in a bowl with a splash of oil and Italian seasoning, pour onto foil covered cookie sheet, cook on 400 for 30 mins

Slice Mozzarella ball and tomatoes to the same thickness,
clean and pick off a few Basil leaves,
use your favorite Pesto

smear both top and bottom bun with Pesto,
stack burger-cheese-basil-tomato

serve with veggies or not

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