Friday, October 11, 2013

Am I a quilter?

I'm not to sure....
Am I a sewist? Yes- I love sewing as a whole.
Am I a quilter? I have been self teaching how to quilt over the last year and a half, I have a few finished pieces, I have swapped and gifted quilted items- But does this make me a quilter?
I do believe I fall under quilter as a catagory, Newbie one at that.
Hows that sound? I am a Newbie quilter :)

Good enough to link to this post by Lily Pad Quilting?

Here are some pictures from around my house

Finished Quilted pieces needing to find new homes.

(Left) Currently on my design wall- 2 from a swap 1 I made
(Right) a wonderful piece that was gifted to me by Pieces to love
 Quilt rack that's first seen as you enter the living room from the stairs
these are mixed pieces- passed down, made new and gifted and made by me.
 My kitchen/dining as of this morning.
I love Halloween!
 The piece on the wall was a panel I got last year, I quilted around each scene and framed here and there using fun little spiders and such throughout.
The table runner I received in a swap.


  1. Lovely display - I do like the idea of the large zip bags hanging to store quilts.

  2. I've only been quilting for two years, but I still consider myself a quilter! I love your quilting rack, that is gorgeous!

  3. What a nice collection of quilts....yup, you're guilty of being a quilter!

  4. What beautiful quilts and a great way to display them! Love the Halloween quilt!

  5. What a great collection of quilts. You are definitely quilty as charged!

  6. Yes indeed! A quilter lives at your home! Love the Halloween quilt.

  7. Yes, you have evidence to prove that a quilter lives there! Beautiful! Love, Snoodles

  8. I'd have to agree, you are definitely a quilter!

  9. All evidence shows that q quilter lives in this home. Lovely quilts too!

  10. You've made a lot of quilts in a year and a half! Definitely a quilter! Lovely.

  11. What a fun Halloween quilt! Yes, you're convicted: Quilter!!