Wednesday, October 9, 2013


It's been a long while since I stepped into a fabric shop, boy I was surely excited to touch and feel and match pieces up in person.
When we lived here a few years ago I found a great little shop a few towns over into the next county, takes about 30 mins to get there, not bad at all. I was really hoping the shop was still around. It is still there but under new ownership and new name. prices went up as well :/ Before I could get a yard of Micheal Miller for $6.95!!! now its close to the online prices of $9 something.
I am hoping this doesn't mess with my final Dress prices all to much, I'll be doing up some math in the next few days to figure it all out.
With all this shopping...yes the shop with be reactivated and stocked up soon too :)
 Here's a peak

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  1. Great prints! Looks like you found lots of yummies there!