Monday, February 17, 2014

Clean and Organized

Wowza! What a mess!
So glad no one else sees this room of mine.
I had gotten all gunho the other night and tackled the fabric / supply shelving and pattern / fabric cutting station.
Don't mind the wall color, last time we lived here this room was the family room, I do hope to start painting room by room some time this year.

To accomplish full organization all things need to be in order. With that said I'm showing you my pattern storage as well. That big black binder on the left side of the table.

 3in 3 ring binder, tab dividers, page protectors
 Here you see I have Bags, Quilts, Toys, Clothes
I print off the pattern, slide the whole thing into 1 page protector, add it to proper category.

I am thinking of getting another and breaking things down further so I can add in kitchen, wallets, extras, etc.

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  1. This is a great way to store pattern and ideas. I have about 15 notebooks organized this way -- one just contains a list of where I put everything.