Wednesday, February 12, 2014

More MLP

I have been printing, list making, gluing, cake planning and prepping for the party.
My youngest child and only daughter is turning 7!
By the way, not only that but she was born on my 28th Birthday!!!

Invitations can be found here

Tiaras and Coloring are on our party day to do list

Here are some book marks I made for the party bags

My try at a banner (there will be two)

Fun prints I found

The little folding characters wouldn't stand up so I made them into lollipop decorations

The little heart shaped sleeping ponies are backed in card stock and glued onto the sharp ends of  skewers. These will hold fresh fruit

All images I found doing a Google search and I'm printing for personal use only

I'm still working on a few more things to include a Rainbow cake (eecckk)
 you do know I don't bake,  right ?


  1. Planning birthdays is so much fun. What sweet treats you have made! Happy Birthday!

  2. Hi, great ideas. Would you mind sharing where you got the book mark clip art?