Saturday, February 8, 2014


 I ran across this lovely tutorial the other day. I have seen the block all over and have always wanted to try it but I have never paper pieced before.....

 Here's my first go at it. I worked with the pattern at 50%. Played with pink scraps to create a couch pillow that I can have out all month long.

 After creating the letters I added in grey sashing in between and a thin boarder around. I then built a random pieced boarder with the pink pieces.
I used my 1/4 in foot and followed around the letters then one line frame around the whle thing.

 I did leave the hole big enough for my hand to fit all the way through due to the length of the pillow.
 finished size after stuffing 6x20 (layed flat prior 8x22)
 I backed it in a Japanese print that my mom had found me years ago. I new I wanted to use it on something that could stay here at home, the flower printed on it is the one in our family crest.