Saturday, January 11, 2014

debating... with a happy ending

Sooooo, here in the ~halfdozen~ home we do the envelope system (Dave Ramsey inspired). Short story: we are debt free, buy with cash only, and have a savings. YAY! A twist in life about 2 years ago changed our life & financials drastically.  That being said I personally can't just go and buy this purse (or something very similar) in plum purple at our local PX at 30% off! Or sign up for this super awesome BOM ! With my Birthday coming next month I have been debating, and debating very very hard! So tonight I finally wrote out both gifts gave them to hubby and picked a blind hand.

Gypsy Wife BOM & the book it comes from was the winner, in full prepaid form so the book is free. Score! Intense Gypsy Wife  (Figs & Plums color palette) here I come.

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