Saturday, January 25, 2014

Grow Your Blog

Hi and welcome.
I'm Jessica, Ret. Army wife to Mike and mom to four great kids aged 6 to 19. 
We just relocated for the last time, still getting settled a bit and back into our groove. 
Luckily I have "my room" my own space to sew, craft, chit chat on line, watch tv in peace or just hide away if I need to.
I have always loved to sew and craft and then in adulthood I learned to love cooking (and eating). 
Here I keep track of yummy recipes that the husband says "write that one down" normally I'm a toss,chop,sprinkle kind of cook. 
I also post about the dresses, dolls, toys, bags that I sew up. 
Just this past year or so I have gotten into quilting, I'm self teaching by following blogs and participating in block swaps to tone my skills. So of course quilts pop up here and there too.
I'm excited to be able to show to you the things I make, through pictures and tutorials. 
I try different things out here and there so items I post about will vary throughout the seasons. 
So glad to partake in Grow your Blog this year. 
Look around a bit, follow if you'd like  :)
Noguchi Designs is also on Facebook

Comment to enter if you'd like to win one of two giveaways, post which one you'd like

1. Sewing
(2 large cut fat quarters, pins, needles, measuring tape) 


2. Scrapbooking
(cardstock, charms, tags, 2 stamps) 



  1. Your quilts look amazing - great use of colour. If I win I'd like the sewing prize please. thanks.

  2. such lovely the heart one...If I win I would love the sewing one...thank you.

  3. I'm a quilter too. The fat quarters would be great to have. Love your heart quilt.

  4. Hello,

    Nice to meet you.:)
    I would like to participate in your giveaway.



    I would like the presents for sewing.

  5. Love your Penny Patch. Vintage sheets are so nice for sewing, but I find them prohibitively expensive whenever I find them for sale. I would love to win the sewing package.

  6. I'm a new follower - would love to win the sewing giveaway. Thanks.

  7. I like to quilt too. The sewing giveaway would be the one for me.

  8. Your projects are great. I love your vibrant choice of color! I also have 4 children, 10 and under. I look forward to the day when I can actually stay in a separate room for more than 4 minutes without interruptions, but I'm enjoying this time too. My 7 year old son asked if he could make a quilt today. I'd love to participate in your giveaway, the sewing one is for me! I'll be following.

  9. I am a happy new follower! Enjoy your new creative 'private' space...may you have many happy creative hours of fun! As a quilter...#1 would be my pick as I never have enough pins....but those colors in #2 are calling my name.

  10. Hi Jessica
    Great to meet you!
    I love your pennypatch - I'm always on the lookout for vintage sheets!
    I'd love to be entered for the sewing giveaway!

  11. Hi, your rainbow love quilt is beautiful! Please put me down for the sewing giveaway.

  12. Hi there, Im a GYB visitor : )
    :Love the subtle colours of your penny patch quilt, its so beautiful.
    Also fell for your hexi pouch !
    Im going to follow you to see what else you make lol
    I was RAF aircrew so can understand how pleased you must be to have relocated for the last time lol

  13. <<<< brain like a sieve me at times!
    am following by email and fabric n pins for me please lol

  14. Love your work, very nice quilts :) You Penny Patch is a beauty!
    I'm a new follower via GFC. I'm a quilter as well, would make some magic happen with those fabrics ;)
    Thank you for the chance.

  15. So nice to meet you via the GYB party. Your pictures are great. I love the coasters. Both prizes are great, I'd go for the scrapbooking.

  16. You really know how to use up fabric scraps to make a lovely piece of work. Love fabric over paper. THanks for the giveaway chance.

  17. Oh Paleo cooking! That is right up my alley. I do a blog post called Monday Munchies, maybe we should get together and combine our love of food. I have moved a lot so I understand how ungrounded it feels. Good to hear that you are settling in. Your quilting is lovely. It has been so nice meeting you.


  18. I enjoyed your rainbow quilt. Very pretty. I am looking forward to reading your blog. Both of your prizes are great, I would pick the sewing.

  19. Greetings from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada. Very nice work. I work with textiles.

  20. Hi, I've come from the grow your blog party so I'm new to your blog. I'm trying to teach myself to quilt at the moment too. I'm a fabric person rather than paper.

  21. Hi Jessica, nice to 'meet' you! Nice that you've moved for the last time and can settle a bit. I've moved a lot in the past and have loved living in one place now for a while. Love both of your generous! My crafting is all over the place, from fabric to paper, and back to paper again, and maybe even a combo of both together! So, truly, either of your giveaways would be lovely to win!!

  22. Thank you for sharing your blog. I have really enjoyed my visit. Happy hopping!

  23. Hi Jessica, Stopping in from GYB party. Love your site. I'm a new follower. I am a toss and sprinkle cook. My garden and quilting are kind of like that too. I have a nifty fifty giveaway you may be interested in so stop by if you get a chance. Happy blogging!

  24. It's Dolores again! Logged in wrong so hit this link to find me. I'd like the scrapbook set if I win. Need to work on some as my 16 year old is graduating high school this year. :0)

  25. Hi! I'm visiting from the GYB party. Enjoy looking at all your works..I'm following. I choose the sewing set for the giveaway. Thanks for the chance!

  26. I like your blog. A bit of this & that & short, so I can read & glance over coffee. I'd like the scrapbook supplies if I win.

    Check out my embroidery/ redwork blog if you are interested. (GYB)


  27. I like all things creative n thrifty and I found you from the GYB party.
    I don’t have a lot of blog time in for I just started blogging when I joined the blog party it was my New Year resolution. 600 entries and I am Reading my 452 blog and more to go. Whew a lot of good read and great giveaways too. My site and contact info is I believe inspiration comes from all facets of life even knowing the great people out there with wisdom and knowledge the do's and don'ts and even the wonders of life from a personal point of view. And loving the crafting networks.

    Oh thanks for letting me part of your giveaway. Scrappbooking

  28. Hi Jessica,

    How nice to meet you! I haven't had enough time to visit all the blogs during the party, so I just browsed through the names and picked out the ones which sounded most interesting to me. Your blog name intrigued me. Why did you choose that name?

    Anyway, thanks for the chance to win one of the goodies. I am a scrapbooking girl -- the supplies are lovely. :)

    Lots of greetings from Germany,

  29. Enjoyed visiting your blog and am now following you on Bloglovin! I'd love to win the fabric!!